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Free & Open source

Intendant is designed to be free and open source software. It can be installed in a few minutes without any pre-requisite skills.

Compatible & Customisable

Intendant is designed to be upgraded with custom modules. It is possible to create your own modules in a playful way. It has never been so easy to connect your home.

Open source application

Intendant has an Android and iOS application, available in the PlayStore and AppStore. Application is the easiest and most ergonomic way to use the Intendant. It's open source and does not require any authorization.

What is Intendant ?

Intendant is a home automation software, it connects and controls the connected objects in your home. The installation system makes it possible to add connected object easily and quickly. No requirements are necessary to install Intendant on your computer.

Animation of intendant


Roadmap Q1 2022 - Support

In Q1 2022 Intendant will be able to interface all these technological solutions.

Roadmap Q1 2022 Intendant


These smartobjects is already compatible with Intendant, download and install library from admin dashboard !

Wiki - Did you say Protocol ?

Some communication protocols require a bridge to interface between smartobject and Intendant

zigbee logo

Protocol Zigbee

Zigbee is low-power, low data rate, close proximity and communication protocol most used by connected objects. A Zigbee bridge is required to interface with Intendant. For more information on Zigbee protocol .

Smartobjects with the Zigbee icon are zigbee bridges.

bluetooth logo

Protocol Bluetooth low energy

Bluetooth low energy is comparable to the bluetooth protocol, some difference in protocol provides a fast and low power consumption communication. As for Zigbee, it is required to have a bridge to communicate between a BLE object and Intendant.

Smartobjects with the Bluetooth low energy icon are BLE bridges.

wifi logo

Protocol Wifi

Wifi protocol is the same protocol used with smartphones. An simple internet box or router will still be necessary to interface with Intendant.

Some smartobject are not compatible with 5 GHz wifi, it is recommended to use the 2.4 GHz wifi by default.

wifi logo

Cloud service

Some smartobjects don't provide the possibility to interface with a local api, so it is required to use the free online services of the manufacturer.

This requires that your home is permanently connected to the internet.